Reverend Nick Collison

Born and bred in the Fens I grew up in Spalding South Lincolnshire, which makes me a ‘Lincolnshire Yellerbellie’! I met Diane my wife (also from Lincolnshire, born in Grantham) in 1976 and since 1981 we have been happily married. We have been blessed with five children, Jessica who is married to Danu, Matthew who is married to Katie, Nathan engaged to Truley, Hannah and Rebekah. As they have grown up they have spread their wings and live in such far flung places as Cheltenham, Wolverhampton, Ripon and Norwich, with Rebekah still living at home with us.

Before I trained for ministry at Wesley House in Cambridge, I spent twenty five years working for Royal Mail, first in Spalding and then in Peterborough. Having joined the Post Office as it was then, at the ripe old age of 19, I assumed I would retire from there with the maximum pension (in those days a job at the Post Office was a job for life). However, it would appear that God had other plans and my life, not forgetting that of my family, took a drastically different turn, and I suppose you could say the rest is history!

I have a wide range of interests, some deep and thoughtful, others more frivolous and entertaining. They range from supporting Everton Football Club, photography, playing my guitar/s (well, trying my best), listening to various kinds of music from Led Zeppelin to Gregorian chant and most things in between, travel (anywhere, but especially to South India), hill walking and wild camping, pilgrimages, hermeneutics (the science of interpretation), how to reconcile the Contemporary Church with the more Traditional . . . . . and how the Methodist Church might find a way to release those with the expertise/training to venture outside the walls of the church to take the gospel to those who have yet to hear it. I did make a start on learning to speak Tamil a few years ago, but it was at the same time I was studying for my MA, and I drifted away from it. If I can find the environment for that to happen I might have another attempt. Also for some years now I have been promising myself I would take up painting again (not the decorating kind!), so perhaps Kidderminster will be the inspiration for that to happen.

Some aspects of ministry I have been privileged to be a part of in the past, range from work in hospital chaplaincy, working with the transgender community in Norwich and the surrounding area, with the Heartsease youth football teams in the Christian Football League, schools work, ecumenical and interfaith work, engaging with the ‘non-churched’ in a variety of ways, and of course ministering to the faithful!

During my ministry in the Kidderminster and Stourport Circuit, I look forward to getting to know you all, discovering those whom we’ve yet to meet, and growing in Christ together.