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Please click here for details of what is happening in June, July and August, 2019
Youth Cafe
Trinity Youth Café is a safe, dedicated meeting place for young people of secondary school age (11 – 18 years). It is determined by young people for young people, in partnership with adults from within the church and circuit.
It offers young people the following:
A relaxed meeting space, which is safe, friendly, inclusive and tolerant.
A place where young people can develop good quality relationships with their peers and with adults.
A chance to discuss topical social and spiritual issues.
A chance to share a meal together
A time of fun and fellowship
All youngsters from the area and circuit are welcome. We ask for a weekly donation of just £1.00 per person to cover food expenses, and we meet on the second Sunday in each month from 6.00pm – 8.00 pm at Trinity.
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Vision Statement
Trinity Methodist has produced a new Vision Statement.  Please click here.
Speaking Out
Please click here to read more about the Joint Public Issues Team, which has been set up by the Methodist, Baptist and United Reform Churches to speak out on pressing issues.
Speaking about poverty
What have you read about poverty?  Click here to dispel some of the myths that you may have come across.
Is God Calling You?
Do you feel that God may be calling you to ordained Ministry in the Methodist Church? If so, then please click here for further information. Alternatively, free copies of this booklet can be ordered by e-mailing
The Methodist Diaconal Order
If you have read the book mentioned in the item above (or even if you haven't!) and feel that God may be calling you to be a Deacon, then please click here for a lot more information.
Methodist Women in Britain
One of the aims of Methodist Women in Britain is to bring women together to know Christ and to make him known. Would you like to know more? Then why not click here.
Are you interested in what goes on at Epworth Old Rectory, the home of the Wesleys? Then why not click here to visit the Epworth website? Don't forget to return and finish your visit here, though!
I choose to follow you...
Are you finding it hard to work out how to be a disciple of Christ? Please click here to read six study and reflection sessions about Christian discipleship in today's world.
Lessons from Life
Have you been wondering why Roland Bamford's "Lessons from Life" are no longer appearing in the Methodist Recorder? Please click here for further details.
Can you be a pioneer?
Please click here for details of an exciting initiative intended to reach young adults who may have little or no knowledge of the Christian story.
Please click here to read a leaflet giving details of different sorts of resources that are available.
Do you Twitter?
No, I'm not being rude! I'm just wondering if you know that you can now follow Methodist news releases on Twitter at
You can also keep up with updates to the Methodist website and other Methodist online resources by following
Faith and Work - yet another thing to fit into a busy week?
We are all busy people. However, relating faith to daily life and work doesn’t necessarily mean doing ‘more stuff’ (though sometimes it might) but rather becoming more intentional, i.e. more focused, more deliberately faithful, about what we already do. So in this toolkit (see below), whilst there are plenty of things which you might do as well as what you’re already doing, there are also at least as many which simply involve doing what you already do in a different way or through different lenses.
Arguably, connecting faith and work involves both:
a) what you do where you spend most of your time during the week and
b) how your church nurtures you as a disciple in daily life and work.
The ideas in the toolkit (see below) have been split into these two areas. There is also a list of websites and books for further reading, although the point is not ultimately to gain more knowledge but to be transformed – and transforming – disciples of Jesus. The focus is on practical ideas and things which work, rather than fine theory.
The toolkit can be found on the BCUIM website
Reshaping the mission of Methodism’
Please click here for details of a book titled 'Reshaping the mission of Methodism’ by Deacon Dr. David Clark.
Methodist Heritage Handbook launched
The full-colour Methodist Heritage Handbook is now available.
It gives details of over 100 different historic houses, monuments, chapels and other places of interest in England, Scotland and Wales that have shaped the story and identity of the people called Methodists. Discover how Methodism grew into a worldwide Christian Church. Find out how Methodism has influenced the nation’s spiritual, social and industrial development since the 18th century, and how it speaks with relevance to today’s world.
Please click here for further details.
Powerpoint and other Worship materials
Please click here for details of Powerpoint and other Worship materials that are available. And why not click here for Music for Worship materials.
IDEAS Project
The Family Friendly Churches trust has launched its IDEAS project. Each week the trust plans to place resources on its website linked to the Lectionary Readings for that Sunday. This will include prayers, sermon ideas, illustrations, activities, drama scripts and suggestions for songs with their words if copyright permits. Resources for Sundays in July are already available and for a trial period during July and August membership of IDEAS will be free, though users will need to sign up to access the material. After this the cost will be from as little as £5 a month.
Action For Children
Click here for details of an Action for Children initiative supporting young people into education, employment or training.
Caring for Places of Worship
English Heritage has produced Caring for Places of Worship, a practical guide, DVD and website pointing congregations in the direction of all the help and advice they need to care for and repair their places of worship. Sponsorship from Ecclesiastical Insurance is enabling them to send this out to every listed place of worship in the country, plus thousands of unlisted ones, and to make it available to anyone who asks.
Operation Noah
Operation Noah (the Churches climate change campaign) is an ecumenical Christian charity providing leadership, focus and inspiration in response to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change.
Find out more on their website here
A Crown and a Cross
Please click here for details of a book entitled "A Crown and a Cross The Origins, Development and Decline of the Methodist Class Meeting in Eighteenth Century England" written by Rev Dr Andrew Goodhead, MA, the Spiritual Care Lead at St Christopher's Hospice, London.
Churches Together in England has been re-launched as a public facing website for anyone interested in the Christian faith.